Belated Post-Election Wrap-Up

November 8, 2012 at 2:30pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in The Lincolnite Blog

I sat out of post-election news for a day to let things settle. Now that we’ve all had a chance to process the happenings, here are a few of my reactions.

1. I’m glad the storm sewer bond issue passed. It’s too bad the margin of victory was only 55-45, though. I suspect a large chunk of those who voted “no” voted reflexively against the notion of a new line on their property tax bills. These sorts of bond issues, which come up every couple years, are critical to sustaining Lincoln’s infrastructure needs. These aren’t cute or pet projects; they address fundamental livability issues.

2. I’m surprised Kate Bolz won her battle against Larry Zimmerman in my legislative district. Ms. Bolz had a brilliant grassroots campaign effort. I met her twice via door-to-door visits, and her campaign staff made contact via personal phone calls. That’s powerful stuff for voters. Mr. Zimmerman’s campaign, on the other hand, was paralleled by big-money supporters who relied solely on mailings riddled with scare tactics, name-calling, and bad grammar. Regardless of what you think about the candidates themselves, it’s nice to see that the personal touch was victorious.

3. I’m positively giddy that Governor Heineman’s favorite local candidates were shot down. I don’t necessarily have anything against the candidates, but anything that makes Heineman sad puts a smile on my face. The Unicameral (justifiably) destroyed him in the 2012 session on Child Welfare Reform and other issues. I’m eager to see that continue.

4. As far as I’ve heard, voting at local polling places proceeded smoothly as usual. That’s something to be a proud of, particularly in light of all the snafus around the country. You can thank your local poll workers for a large part of that. Interested in helping out next time around? Learn more about becoming a poll worker.

5. The Journal Star seems to think that Taylor Martinez’s party affiliation is newsworthy. It’s weird enough to me that we worship these kids as idols, do we really need to drag them through the muck of politics too?

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Just Thinkin' November 8, 2012 at 9:22pm

I’m glad you mentioned the efforts of our poll workers. They deserve special recognition for their competence and integrity. I think we need to send them to Florida to do training. As of this morning, Florida was still counting votes in the Presidential race. Maybe the other states should put Florida on voting probation.

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