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Omaha Kicks Lincoln’s Ass

March 9, 2005 at 2:49am By: Mr. T Posted in 625 Elm Street

Actually that is an overstatement (or a complete falsehood depending on your point of view). But one thing is for sure - Omaha has California Taco (33rd and California), which has the best fish taco I have ever had. I went out of my way to visit there this afternoon after attending a meeting in Omaha.

Believe me, even taco del mar - which obviously specializes in fish tacos, along with wahoos - cannot compete. Why? Because at California Taco 1) the fried fish fillet you get is much bigger than what you can get at wahoos or taco del mar, and 2) its not just a corn tortilla, but a fried flour shell (i.e. akin to Taco Hell’s “Chalupa” fried bread). Of course, you pay for quality. A California Taco costs $3.99. It comes with a lemon, tartar sauce if you want, and a choice of red tomato salsa or hot chili salsa verde. Together, it is a deep fried delicacy.

In other Mexican fast food news, although this time closer to home: De Leon’s is apparently opening on North 27th, and it looks like there will be a dine-in area. De Leon’s also has fish tacos although I have yet to try theirs. I usually go for their carne asada burritos or tacos. In anycase, a dine-in area is good. Their drive-though only service at west O st. was simply too slow of a wait. I am pumped up for this one.

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