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February 8, 2008 at 2:45pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

I don’t think I’m ready for Robbie to speak.

In some ways it’s great. I ask, “Robbie, what would you like for lunch?” And he responds, “Pea buh” (peanut butter). How handy is that?

But in other ways, it’s not such a good thing. I can’t even think words like “damn” or “stupid”, much less the fouler nouns, adjectives, and verbs, without Robbie picking up on them. Sure, it’s hilarious for a few moments to see your son walking around the house saying “damn damn damn damn”. But then you realize you’re leaving for your parents’ house in five minutes…

It really is amazing how quickly his vocabulary is expanding. For a long time his only recognizable words were “uh oh” and “Daisy”, not to mention the dreaded “No”. Now he uses new words every day. Like “skiving” (Thanksgiving), which he uses to refer to a certain photograph on the wall. And today for the first time he referred to the hand mixer as “beats”. Every time my mom watches him for us, she asks, “When did Robbie learn [some new word]?”, and more often than not, we didn’t even know he knew that word. It’s incredible.

It’s also amusing to watch Robbie begin to test his boundaries. He might try to put his feet on the table while he’s eating, for example. We’ll say, “No no, Robbie. No feet on the table”. So then he tests us. He’ll hover his foot over the table, or he’ll graaaadually lower the foot off the table until he gets the sense that he’s in the safe zone. The little turkey loves to find the boundary between allowed and forbidden.

Robbie is beginning to sing as well. So far “EIEIO” (Old MacDonald), “round round bus” (The Wheels on the Bus) and “ba ba BEANS” (Beans! by The String Beans) are his favorites. I especially love it when he tries to sing the Beans song. Unfortunately, it has not spurred an interest in eating beans.

Physically, Robbie has been near the head of the class. He keeps up with older kids at the playground, at the YMCA, and elsewhere, and they seem to really enjoy playing with him. As a result, it’s easy to compare Robert to older (2 and 3 year-old) kids. It’s difficult to believe how much Robbie is going to change in the next few months. We’re going down to Albuquerque in May for my sister-in-law’s un-wedding (long story). Robbie will have just turned two. Even though it’s only 3 months away, I can tell by watching other kids that Robbie will be much different by then. Grandma and grandpa will be shocked.

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