We Must Look Friendly

April 19, 2007 at 12:25pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

The Missus, Robbie and I must look very approachable. After our dinner at Lazlo’s last night we grabbed some ice cream at Ivanna Cone, and then we headed for the small park north of the Train Station where we sat in front of the brick mural. We must have looked picturesque because a woman asked if she could take our photograph. Well, sort of. She asked if we would mind being in the background of a photo she was taking for her nephew’s Flat Stanley project. We said sure. Well, The Missus and I said sure. Robbie said “Give me more of your caramel shake right now!”

A few minutes later as we were walking back to our car, a young couple in a Duncan Aviation vehicle stopped and asked us for directions to Fireworks. The woman had a tourist map in her lap, so I assume they had read about Fireworks on the map and decided to give it a try. I broke it to them that Fireworks had bolted for more suburban pastures, but that Lazlo’s was owned by the same folks and would be a good substitute.

It’s interesting to observe who asks whom for directions and other related help. I know when I’m lost I look for certain characteristics in the people I choose to ask for help. I also pay attention to people who look lost as they look around for somebody to assist them. (You’ll see these people Downtown all the time if you look for them.) If I’m in a grouchy mood or in a hurry, their eyes skip right over me. But if I make eye contact, offer a little smile, and cock my head just a bit (that’s the part that asks “Can I help you?”) they scoot right over. Last night I didn’t do any of those things; in fact, the people came up from behind us. I think they just figured that happy family with ice cream = likely to be helpful.

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