Vien Dong, we hardly knew ye

January 27, 2005 at 5:38am By: Mr. T Posted in 625 Elm Street

Well I confirmed with my own eyes today that Vien Dong restaurant across from the UNL city campus has either closed or moved. This was my favorite restaurant in the UNL/near downtown area, and for a while there, especially during the summer, I was heading over there every weekend for some beef pho (and they did serve it with a slice of lime, lettuce and sprouts - - but often times no basil). I’m not sure what it DIDN"T have going for it. The pho was decent - and I have eaten pho in Vietnam before - the place was clean and actually quite nice with the full length mirrors, and they had a mix of familiar “Americanized” dishes as well as the more authentic ones. Not to mention right across the street from a campus brimming full of kids and faculty. Perhaps it was the small lunch buffet? High rent? In anycase, RIP Vien Dong…lets hope the empty space is filled with a worthy replacement.

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