Soccer is Back

March 15, 2007 at 12:25pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

After a looooong break over the winter—I opted not to referee indoor soccer this year—I’ll be back in action today, centering one of the first high school soccer matches of the season. The time off was good for me. Even though physically I’m horribly out of shape now, mentally I feel very refreshed.

I just checked my rules test grade. *sigh* Only 98/100. I missed one because I let my dad talk me into the wrong answer (thanks, dad!). The other dealt with a rule that I don’t agree with, so I halfway answered incorrectly out of spite. On the other hand, I got all of the “mind-reading” questions right this year. Those are questions that are poorly worded and which require you to read the test-writer’s mind if you want to get the right answer. It becomes a matter of “What does the test writer want me to answer?” rather than “What is the strictly correct answer?”. Very annoying.

Will any of you be out at Abbott tonight? I’ll have the center of one of the matches, though I won’t say which one just yet. Come say hi if you’re out there.

I should also mention the big news that I received a Nebraska women’s center coming up in a couple weeks. I am very, very excited. Even though it’s “just” spring ball, it’s still Nebraska. Also, it’s a privilege I will never have during the regular season due to my employment ties. Reffing in the shadow of Memorial Stadium will be a hoot.

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