So C-c-c-c-cold

October 23, 2005 at 3:28pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

There is good soccer weather, and there is bad soccer weather. Yesterday’s weather definitely fell into the latter category.

Yesterday I reffed two soccer games up at Midland, in Fremont. Our friendly, ever-so-competent weather dudes here in Nebraska promised me a tiny chance of light showers in the morning and late afternoon. They didn’t mention anything about a steady rain all stinking day. One game in the cold rain would have been bad, but tolerable. Two games—over four hours worth, because of overtime in the women’s match—was a bit much.

On the plus side, I managed not to wipe out in the mud even once. Both the men’s and women’s matches were relatively interesting. And a mere ten minutes after the games we got pelted with sleet while changing into dry clothes; at least the sleet held off until after the game.

Overall, the weather goes into my top-five list for worst weather I’ve ever refereed in. But it wasn’t #1 on that list. Not even close. It was too “warm” (40 degrees) and not nearly windy enough to make it to #1.

Now, please excuse me while I try to do something about the sore throat I seem to have developed.

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