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December 23, 2005 at 12:02am By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

The Missus and I ventured up to Omaha today to meet with our adoption agency. Now we need to put together a portfolio. In essence, the portfolio is our way of saying “Ooh! Ooh! Pick us! Pick us!” to the birth mothers our portfolio is shown to.

The open adoption process is so strange. It’s basically a bizarre marketplace trafficking in…people. At this stage The Missus and I are both a product and a buyer. The Missus and I “shopped” for a good adoption agency; now we have to market ourselves to birth mothers “shopping” for parents for their children; and The Missus and I will soon “shop” for the “dealer”—err, mother—who can provide us with a quality “product”—err, child. It kind of makes me feel all oogie if I think about it too much, so I don’t.

I’m excited to put our portfolio together, but I’m also nervous. What if we don’t present ourselves well? What colors should we use? Should we make it super fancy, or will that alienate the mothers? How should we bind it? Which pieces of our family story should we include, and which should we leave out?

What if nobody likes us?

You know what’s really strange? The Missus and I are as little as a few short months away from welcoming to our home a new member of the family. I’m going to be a dad to a real live person, not just to this four-legged hairy thing staring at me pitifully and wondering why I won’t throw the ball she has set neatly by my chair. My niece will have a cousin, my parents another grandchild.

OK OK, enough daydreaming. I need to get to work on this portfolio.

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