Rice is Hillarious

August 23, 2006 at 12:25pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

Robbie has been sampling a little rice cereal lately. He really went to town on it yesterday. In fact, he thought it was hillarious. I don’t know why it was hillarious. Uncle Ben has never made me so much as chortle. But to Robbie it was the funniest thing since he tooted just a few minutes earlier.

You can learn a lot from a baby. For instance, did you know that rice cereal makes a great shampoo and exfoliant? It’s true. Robbie proved it by grabbing a handful of cereal from his mouth and smearing it through his hair and across his skin. I must say, his hair and skin look fantastic as a result.

Unfortunately, Robbie has been fighting a cold lately. It started in his sinuses and now it has worked its way to his lungs. But my little man is one tough brute. He gives a few quick hacks, spits out the loogey, and grins with pride. I think I like this kid.

Robbie still hasn’t rolled over, but I’m not concerned. I think he just skipped that developmental step. He already loves to try to sit up and stand, for example, and his neck is NFL lineman-strong.

And the babbling. Boy oh boy does he talk. He talks to people, he talks to Daisy, he talks to his toys. Heck, last night he talked to a lamp. It’s not (all) just random noise, either. He actually tries to communicate. He loves to banter back and forth with people. Ask him a question and he’ll give you an answer. He’s like our own little Magic 8 Ball, but cuter.

Now that I think about it, that could make a great way to fund Robbie’s college education. Who wouldn’t go to the Ask Robert booth at the State Fair? Hmm…

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