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February 14, 2006 at 1:30pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

Will Lincoln have a new high-rise to look up to several years from now? That would be great to see. The major problem I have with the idea is that it is inverted. The idea, as presented by the Journal Star, is to build a parking garage that happens to have a high-rise on top. That is backwards. The emphasis ought to be on bringing in a high rise, with a parking garage on the bottom. If we emphasize the parking garage, we’ll get the parking garage. If we emphasize the high-rise, our odds of getting both are tremendously improved.

Remember The Grand? The proponents (the City, the Downtown Lincoln Association, and others) emphasized the idea of a theater, maybe with some other cool stuff (housing, retail, offices) thrown in. Since the proponents were happy to settle for a theater, they just got a theater. (And a very un-downtowny theater at that.)
Parking garages don’t mean squat in the big scheme of things, and they certainly won’t support the long-term sustainability of Downtown Lincoln. Let’s not settle for just a parking garage.

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huskerpilot February 14, 2006 at 9:40pm

Lincoln does not need another freakish parking garage… If they city thinks that it needs to get more parking in the downtown region then perhaps they should build onto their parking deck that takes up a square block north of the city county building.  This push for a parking garage is nothing more than a city attempting to cater to one thing (football).  If Lincoln is really wanting to put in a parking garage perhaps they should start looking down before building up. Why can this city not put in a few underground parking garages? I know there is a small one at 17th & N street and another off of 10th south of O. Lets put two or more sories below ground with a large buisness style building above. And no, we do not need another NBC building that looks like the state from the side.

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