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October 19, 2006 at 5:30pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

I don’t think I ever mentioned how Avant Card—that fantastic little card and gift shop on O Street—played a role in our adoption of Robbie. Here’s the tale:

The Missus and I already knew that we were being considered for the adoption of a newborn in Boston. We had only the barest details, so all we knew was that we might be chosen by the mother. Or not. We had already been passed over a few times before, so we knew not to get our hopes up too high.

Well, a few days later I received a call at work from the adoption agency with the good news. By coincidence, I was meeting The Missus at Planet Sub in only two hours. How could I tell her the news in a creative way? And by the way, how often does the dad know before the mom that they’re going to have a baby? This was new territory.

I decided to tell her with a card. I first said “I love you” with a card, so why not make greeting cards the medium of choice for big announcements? I really wanted a Mother’s Day card, since I was about to tell her she was a mom. But Mother’s Day was several weeks earlier. Clearly I needed a business I could count on. So I headed to Avant Card.

Surprisingly, the nice young lady behind the counter gave me only the tiniest hint of an odd look when I asked if they happened to have any Mother’s Day cards hiding in the back. She quickly began the search, and she came back a few minutes later, not with a couple cards, but with a whole friggin’ box of hundreds of cards. It took me a while to flip through them all—thank goodness they were sorted, so duplicates were all together—but I eventually found the perfect one. I paid, thanked her profusely, and left.

Not long after, The Missus opened the card and found out for the first time that she was a mom. Everything worked out just perfectly.

So there’s the story. Now you know one of the reasons I’m such so pro-Avant Card. Gotta love ‘em.

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foxspit October 19, 2006 at 9:02pm

I was already a big fan of Avant Card (I get all my cards there) but now I love the place even more!

Great story!  Thanks for sharing.

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