I’m Rich!

June 29, 2005 at 2:36pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

My financial troubles are behind me. I now earn no less than $125,000 per year. Hot diggity!

I wish.

But somebody thinks I’m rich. Why else would I have received a copy of L, “Lincoln’s Premier Lifestyle Magazine”? Inside is an ad for the magazine:


L Magazine is your opportunity to reach Lincoln’s upper income households…

Reaching households with an income of 125,000 [sic] or more.

L Magazine is also mailed directly to all doctor’s offices, health clubs & spas.

Maybe I’m not rich, but I’m actually just a doctor’s office, health club, or spa.

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B Roth July 7, 2005 at 7:09pm

I know what you mean - I got the mag (rag?) too!
I would feel even “richer” if instead they would just send me the few bucks it cost them to produce it rather than send it for me to put in the trash…hmmm…

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