I Am Being Consumed

August 2, 2005 at 4:57pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

Apparently I picked up some hitchhikers while hiking at Indian Cave on Sunday. And not just a few. I have chigger bites up the wazoo. (But not in, or even near, the wazoo, thank goodness.) With the exception of a few random bites on my arms and chest, all the bites are on my ankles. My right ankle has a few dozen small red welts. My left ankle—God, how do I describe my left ankle?—is completely covered in bites. Hundreds of bites. I searched for images of chigger bites and none of the images I found come even close to portraying how many bites I have. I used to get chigger bites all the time when I went camping back in my Boy Scout days. I never saw anything like this, on myself or on any of my fellow campers.

Fortunately chigger bites aren’t especially harmful. They can lead to secondary infections, but typically only if you fail to keep the area clean. But the concentration of these bites has left me in almost unbearable, itchy agony. While laying in bed last night it actually felt like my ankles were on fire. I thought for sure I was going to scratch straight through the skin.

Somehow The Missus managed to avoid the same fate. Lucky lady. I must have unknowingly killed the King of the Chiggers, invoking the wrath of the Chigger Kingdom. They sure know how to get their revenge.

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