Anything Goes in the War on Drugs II

February 12, 2005 at 7:49pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

In some individuals’ minds, anything goes in the War on Drugs:

“It’s (expletive) over, son.”

For two hours, authorities say, that message would be pounded into Lester Eugene Siler’s head and body, reinforced with the barrel of a gun and echoed in threats of electrocution.


“We’ll have to call a (expletive) ambulance to haul your ass out of here.”


“Eugene, let me tell you how this is gonna work, OK?” Webber said in the transcript. “We got here and guess what you did? You ran out the back door. We chased you, OK? You fought with us, OK? We end up fighting with you. You ‘bout whupped all our asses, so we had to fight back, OK?”


“You’re not (expletive) listening,” Webber says. “You hear what I told you? I told you not to be talking. ? This (expletive) right here, he loves seeing blood. He loves it. He loves seeing blood. You’re talking too much. ? He loves (expletive) seeing blood. He’ll beat your ass and lick it off of you.”


“Eugene, you’re gonna sign this right here or I’m gonna (expletive) put a bullet in your damn head, and we’re gonna (expletive) plant this BB gun,” Monday says.

Webber later adds, “Hey, Eugene, what loss do you think it’s gonna be to us if you die, buddy? It’s going to be no loss to us.”

By now, Siler is groaning and gasping for breath…

Read the whole sickening account.

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Mr. T February 13, 2005 at 2:05am

And imagine all the other arrests made in the war on drugs where there wasn’t a tape recorder!

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