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August 28, 2006 at 12:35pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

I set a lofty goal for Robert this weekend: to sit up more or less by himself by his fourth month. Now, in all honesty I don’t expect him to reach that goal—his four month “birthday” is less than three weeks away—but the little squirt just keeps impressing us with some of his physical skills. He already sits up fairly well with just a little support, and he loves to stand. (In fact, standing is one tried-and-true method I use to halt certain kinds of fussiness.) But for all of his trunk and lower body strength, Robert still kind of has weenie arms. I guess he really takes after his mom and dad.

Probably the newest big change for Robbie is that he has really started taking to his pacifier. Previously he was pretty ambivalent about his pacifier. Now, however, he really seems to enjoy sucking and biting on it. Plus, it is turning out to be a great way to help hone his muscle control and understanding of cause and effect. Yesterday, for example, he managed to grab a loose pacifier and place it correctly in his mouth. Hopefully we’ll see more and more of that. As much as Robbie drools and enjoys biting on things, it seems apparent to me that he is in the early stages of teething. I haven’t noticed any impending tooth eruptions, but he definitely feels something going on.

This week we are going to try to up his intake of cereal. It makes mealtime more of a challenge for The Missus and me. I can tell that Daisy, though, is already excited that she will soon be on clean-up crew.

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