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December 12, 2006 at 1:30pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

It’s a busy busy time of year at 625 Elm Street. Here are some miscellaneous updates:

The Missus makes excellent desserts throughout the year, but the holidays are especially fruitful for the sugar queen. I swear, one of these days she is going to have to open her own shop. I’m not just saying that; she would love to bake for a living, and, though I’m not an unbiased observer, I have to think her odds of success are pretty darn high. For example, one of her desserts earned the name FGBs after a friend exclaimed “These are [darn] good brownies!” upon eating one for the first time.

Robbie is at an adorable age right now. He will be seven months old on Saturday. He is sitting up very well, but his real favorite activities are standing and walking. (Yes, walking!) Give him a finger from each hand to hold onto, and he’s happy as a clam as he meanders around the room. He is on the verge of a crawling breakthrough, so we need to go on a childproofing overhaul.

This week we will hit an important milestone with Robbie: he will have been with us for six months. That means that our adoption agency can give the appropriate paperwork to our attorney, who can then file with the courts for finalization. We hope to get a court date in late January.

In other baby-related news, I just received an e-mail from my sister. She is going to go to the hospital on Thursday to have her water broken. My nephew Sam (after his great grandfather) should be here by Thursday night.

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Mr. T December 12, 2006 at 11:58pm

Come on…don’t leave us hanging! What other kinds of baked goods does she make, and is she planning on making them available to others?

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