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An Update From 625 Elm Street

May 7, 2007 at 12:32pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

The Wilsons have been keeping busy lately. What’s been going on around the homestead at 625 Elm Street? Some updates:

Robert is sprouting his fifth tooth, and he is really working on walking. He becomes more and more of a toddler every single day. I haven’t decided yet if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Friday was Father and Son day at 625 Elm Street. Robbie’s day care provider was ill. We played and slept and went on a field trip to my office. Good times.

Robbie had his first experience with a large amount of blood yesterday when he slipped and bonked his mouth on the edge of the bathtub. As if teething weren’t bad enough! Fortunately the bleeding stopped pretty quickly and we were able to move on to more pressing matters, like stacking rings and playing the piano.

The Missus is counting down the days (just a couple weeks!) before she says adios to her current job. She’ll be staying home with Robbie at least part time from now on.

I reffed seven District soccer matches last week, and boy was I pooped by the end. I saw some good games and a couple boring games. My biggest kudos go to the Seward boys who, despite going 0-13 in the regular season, managed to win their play-in game and they even gave the eventual District Champion Lutheran Warriors a bit of a scare. I have been invited to referee games at the State Tournament, but I haven’t received my specific assignments yet.

I have been working on some freelance web development projects for a couple pretty big clients. The Power Line Forum launched its Republican presidential candidates forum this weekend. I developed some backend solutions to help the candidates’ campaigns manage their content. A second big project is currently in beta testing. That one involves a photo and video blog for a major broadcasting company. It should launch soon. I have another major project due at the end of May, but I haven’t received many details yet.

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