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We Almost Elected This Guy?

October 6, 2005 at 8:09pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

In only 4,649 words, ex-Presidential wannabe Al Gore manages to link O.J. Simpson, torturing Prisoners of War, Jurgen Habermaas, the decline of print media, and much, much more. Oh, and he manages to plug his television network a few times, too.

Go ahead and give it a read. The text gives the reader a fascinating look at the inner workings of Gore’s mind. I, for one, came away with the helpful knowledge that Al Gore is a terrible, horrible, awful, no-good speech-writer.

I could pretty much go through Gore’s rant paragraph by paragraph and make both legitimate and completely unfair criticisms of his points. (And occasionally I would even agree with him. Very occasionally.) I won’t do that, though. A lunch break doesn’t offer the time.

I do want to critique Gore’s insistence that “there was a time when America’s public discourse was consistently much more vivid, focused and clear.” As evidence, he notes that “Our Founders, probably the most literate generation in all of history, used words with astonishing precision and believed in the Rule of Reason.” Yeah yeah, “Our Founders” were a literate bunch, and they spoke and wrote pretty darn eloquently by today’s standards. But so what? Do the words of a few rich white men prove that communication among the masses was more enlightened 200 years ago than it is today, and that therefore our democracy was far more robust back then? Gore doesn’t do anything to prove that the public were any better at participating in government in 1805 than they are today.

I don’t really understand Gore’s message. Does he want us to abandon television media and return to an age when print media ruled? Well, no. How ‘bout the internet? It’s a huge, diverse, meritocratic, and mostly uncensored (for now) realm. Gore hardly mentions the internet, except to

say that it sucks because it can’t stream video very well. So what’s the solution? Gore’s own television network, of course! But wait, I thought Gore said that television is bad?

I guess it takes somebody with real nuance, like John Kerry, to figure out what the hell Gore is talking about.

Man on the Scene

October 5, 2005 at 2:32pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

If you’re not too sick of post-Katrina analysis, Matt Welch has an excellent interview with a National Guardsman who was on-scene at the Superdome throughout Katrina and in the days afterward. Two reactions:

1. The mainstream media were about as accurate as the bloggers in their coverage of the situation. That doesn’t say much for the MSM.

2. If the MSM can blow a story this badly, even with reporters on-site, how badly do they regularly blow other stories? In particular, how much can we trust MSM coverage from war zones and other points of crisis?

Too Bad Nebraska Doesn’t Think This Way

October 4, 2005 at 7:39pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

Florida may build another environmentally-friendly power plant within the next decade.

Almost There

October 3, 2005 at 7:34pm By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

We’re Number One

Twenty Six!

I’m Glad THAT’s Over

October 3, 2005 at 4:04am By: Mr. Wilson Posted in 625 Elm Street

Boy oh boy, I had one of those weekends where, when Sunday evening rolls along, you say “Thank goodness!” I’m one pooped puppy. I reffed two soccer matches today in the heat and wind. The heat and humidity were tough enough, but that wind can really suck the life out of you.

Yesterday was a really long day. I left the house at 8:30am and I walked back in the door at 10:01pm. In between, I drove 3.5 hours to Sioux Falls, South Dakota and reffed two soccer games, one of which went into double overtime. While in Sioux Falls I noticed that Satan’s lady bugs are back in season. I hate those things. I’ve hated them ever since millions of them ruined a late-fall camping trip at Indian Cave by covering our camper and everything else. The little bastards pack a punch when they bite.

Hopefully this week I’ll have a chance to finish up some projects I haven’t been able to get to for a while. I need to plant some grass in the back yard, do some maintenance in the rest of the yard, put up a couple ceiling fans, paint the office and the bathroom, finish staining some outdoor furniture… and so on.

Ten bucks says I only get one of those things finished.

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